As many of you may know, Pastor Frank has been on a nine-week journey of unusual discomfort and pain. After extensive medical tests, his medical team determined that Pastor Frank has a form of lymphoma.

Last week was pivotal for Pastor Frank and City Bible Church, the church he pastors, as he met with his medical team to confirm the specific diagnosis, lay out a treatment plan, and then start that plan.

Pastor Frank is doing very well and responding positively to his first round of treatment. The doctors are encouraged with all the tests. We believe this is a direct result of the global prayer taking place. Thank you!

Here are a few items to agree with us in prayer this week:

1. Continued healing and recovery of Pastor Frank’s body
2. No side effects from the chemo treatments
3. Ongoing strength for Pastor Sharon and the family
4. Wisdom for the doctors and nurses
5. Strength, wisdom, and protection for City Bible Church and the leadership team
6. Continued covering and momentum for MFI and the entire network of churches

Pastor Frank said his spirit is strong and he feels the support of all those who have expressed that they are praying for him. Please continue standing with Pastor Frank, his family and our church family in prayer.

You can get regular updates on Pastor Frank at the CBC website: Also stay updated by following him on Twitter @frankdamazio and Facebook: Pastor Frank Damazio. Show him your love on Twitter by using the hashtag #StandingWithPF. Thank you for standing with us all in prayer!

“But earnest prayer was going up to God from the church for his safety all the time he was in prison.” -Acts 12:5, Living Bible


Apple imageBotanists know exactly what they mean when they talk about fruit. A fruit is the seed bearing organ of a plant or tree. When pastors and leaders speak about fruit, do we know exactly what we mean? How does the local church cultivate an orchard of great spiritual fruit that remains? We are hard at work preparing the soil, planting the seed, weeding, watering, pruning, and believing we will have fruit that remains.

The vision of every pastor should be to plant a spiritual legacy, a fruit tree that forever keeps bearing fruit. Fruit that remains is a matter of planning, wisdom, and forethought. This week, we will examine our fruit-bearing and fruit-remaining skills.

Where does this idea of “bearing fruit” come from? It comes from Jesus, in John 15:16, where Jesus says:

“You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and I have appointed you [I have planted you], that you might go and bear fruit and keep on bearing, and that your fruit may be lasting [that it may remain, abide], so that whatever you ask the Father in My Name [as presenting all that I am], He may give it to you.”

In this passage, and in this blog series, “fruit” means that which originates or comes from something. It is an effect, a result. There are false views and rue views about a fruit-bearing church. A false view says that growing fruit is difficult, time consuming, and too demanding of a profession.

A true view about a fruit-bearing church sees that planting a tree is a long-term investment. It knows that growing fruit is a science, that the principle of fruitfulness works all the time and that the tree, when planted properly, will bear fruit for 20-60 years.

Depending on your view about bearing fruit, you will bear lasting fruit, no fruit or some fruit. That brings us to this important principle: A fruit-bearing leader comes before a fruit-bearing vineyard. We produce what we are, after our “kind.” Before your church or ministry can bear fruit, you yourself must have a fruit-bearing spirit within you.

Tomorrow we’ll look at four things a leader needs to do in order to bear much fruit that lasts.

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