July 29, 2013

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Evaluate imageImplementation is the mark of a great leader. It is an art that requires using the gifts of leadership, wisdom and discernment to make changes that will bring spiritual health and vitality. Yet in our quest for great change and cutting-edge ideas for growth and development, we must not lose sight of our convictions and values that make us who we are. We build people.

Leaders need to stay focused on people more than programs and process more than structure. Our goal is to march confidently into the future, not to stumble in organizational darkness. We want not to be movements representing what used to be, but mission starters designed to meet the future.

We all have a choice: to be a historical church or a history-making church. Which are you building?

Biblical successful churches are difficult to build and to sustain; therefore our desire must be intense and our journey must be disciplined. The success of a church historically evaluates three areas:

1. Cultural impact: Did they penetrate the people of their day?

2. Longevity of fruitfulness: Did they leave a legacy?

3. Adherence to basic orthodoxy: Did they use biblical truth?

There is also the leadership factor. What is the leader’s level of seriousness, gifting, integrity, spiritual hunger, wisdom, exposure to other ideas and resources, teachability and commitment to the Word of God?

Today might be a good day to sit down and evaluate your leadership in these eight areas listed above. Then zoom out the lens and look at your church or ministry. Are you penetrating the people of your day? Are you leaving a legacy of changed lives? Are you teaching biblical truth?

When you answer these questions honestly and thoroughly, you can implement the right changes at the right time for the maximum impact and see great things happen in individual lives!

From the sermon, “Building Impacting Churches Together”
Building Impacting Churches Together image

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